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Terms and Conditions of Use

Article 1 General rule

Shields Japan Limited ("the Company","we","us", or "our") does the online shopping service ("the Service") of products listed on the Shields Online Shop ("the Site") in accordance with this Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms of Use”). Customers("you") using the Service must read this Terms of Use carefully before using the Service and use the Service after consenting the contents. As soon as the customers place order, the Company  regards the customers have accepted this Terms of Use.


Article 2 Scope of application and change of the Terms of Use

1. The Terms of Use applies to all customers using this Site.
2. We may change the Terms of Use at any time. In this case, we notify the contents after the change in a way that we deem appropriate, and if the customer use the Service after the date the change is set, we regard that the customer accepts the contents.
3. In case there are an individual provisions other than the Terms of Use, the individual provisions shall apply in priority to the Terms of Use.


Article 3 Member registration

Membership registration to the site is necessary in order to use the coupon or point system.


Article 4 Care and custody for ID and password for the member.

1. The member shall be liable for the care and custody of the ID and the password.
2. The member shall be liable to periodically change the ID and the password to prevent unauthorized use of the ID and the password by third parties.
3. The Member shall not let to use the ID and the password by a third party and shall not be able to assign, lend or disclose the ID and the password.
4. If the member illegally uses or lets to use the user ID and password, we shall revoke the member's qualification to use the Service.
5. Unless otherwise attributable to our liability, if the user ID and password are used illegally or used by a third party, the member shall take any liability and we shall take no liability for occurrence of any damage.


Article 5 How to order the products and to use the Service

The procedure to use the Service is as follows.

1. Select product and the size, and the number to order, then click "Add to cart".
2. Check your order in the cart and click "View cart".
3. Click "Check out with Paypal"
4. Follow the Paypal procedure. 

Once the order is confirmed, the confirmation email will be automatically sent to your e-mail address.

Article 6 Notes for placing an order

1. The use of a credit card which is not the name of the customer may be refused.
2. The order by a minor needs the consent of the parental author.
3. Any order made using the user ID and the password shall be deemed as a valid order for the member regardless of any reason.
4. Any order made by entering a customer information shall be deemed as a valid order for the non-member member regardless of any reason.

Article 7 Product specifications and quality

1. An image of a product and the actual product may differ slightly in color and design.
2. A product specification and a country of origin may change without notice.
3. A product information is not guaranteed. It may differ from the actual product due to specification change, typo etc.
4. Even though numbers of size table posted on product page are actual size numbers, a margin of error in the size may occur due to an individual difference by product .

Article 8 Stocks

1. A stock may not be secured at the time of customer putting the product into the cart.
2. Inventory status displayed on the Site may not be a realtime basis, and even in the case of item that can be ordered, the item may not be secured. In that case, we will contact you.


Article 9 Payment methods, cancellations, and returning goods

Payment methods, cancellations, and returning goods would be abided by the ​the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions on the Site.


Article 10 Payment method

Only the Paypal is available for international orders.

Article 11 Change, cancellation or suspension for service contents and contents.

We shall be able to change, suspend, or cancel the service contents without notice to users when:

1. conducting maintenance, inspection and update of the system of this service regularly or urgently.
2. having difficulties to provide the service due to unavoidable occurrence, such as natural disasters, power outages, or third-party sabotages.
3. determining the change, suspension or cancellation of the service is necessary.


Article 12 Cancellation of order

We shall be able to cancel order after the order is placed when:

1. the customer placed the order conducts the prohibited matters.

2. sales price on the site is not correct.
3. we find the customer's personal information is false.
4. receiving the order for back-ordered items for long time or a discontinued items.
5. the order exceeding the quantity of limited product's shipment.
6. receiving a request to stop shipping or a card not available by your credit card company.
7. Otherwise, the need to cancel the order is recognized.

Article 13 Prohibited matters

We shall be revoke the customer's eligibility for use of the service without giving prior notice to the customer when we determine the customer conducts following prohibited matters.

1. Acts against this terms and conditions of use.

2. Acts interrupt the service regardless of the means.
3. Acts infringe or may infringe our intellectual property right.
4. Delay or default on payment obligations.
5. Large quantities of order that interferes the order by other customers.
6. Acts for a profit related to the service or its arrangement.
7. Acts use and provide harmful programs, such as computer virus, in connection with the service.

8. Acts against public policy or acts that violate laws.
9. Otherwise, acts that we determine the matters are inadequate.

Article 14 Disclaimers
1. The Company shall not be liable for any troubles that arise between users due to the use of the Service.
2. The Company shall not be liable for any infringement and dispute even if the information provided by the Service infringes the user's or third party's right, and if any dispute arises as a result of the infringement of that right.
3. Even if the company has taken appropriate safety measures, the company shall not be liable for any damages or disadvantages causing to the user due to the following reasons.

(1) In the case of interruption, delay, error, or defect in the provision of the Service due to the failure of system devices such as communication devices, communication lines, and computers or defects.
(2) In the case the provision of this service is interrupted, delayed, mistrusted or defected due to a third party's obstruction, intrusion, information modification, etc.
(3) In the case the information sent from the user is not received due to a system limitation, error, or content defects not by our serious negligences, or in the case the information sent from the user is received as wrong information.
(4) In the case there is no wilful or serious faults in the company, and there is an error or defect in the information provided by the site.
(5) In the case damages occur to computers, lines, softwares, hardwares, etc. due to downloading from the site or computer virus infection etc.

4. When a minor uses the service, we shall the parental authority assumes all responsibility for determining whether the content on the site is appropriate for minors and for the use of the site by minors.
5. If a user receives a claim for damages, etc. due to or in connection with the use of the Service from a third party, the user will be resolved in his/her own responsibility and expense, and we shall not be obligated to cooperate for the solution. In addition, if the company receives a claim for damages, etc. from a third party, the company may ask the user for cooperation to the necessary extent for the solution, and the user shall cooperate with this.

Article 15 Intellectual property right

All works, portraits, characters, marks, and other information on the site are owned by the company or its providers, and having intellectual property rights such as copyrights, the usage rights, and other rights. The download, printout and other methods of reproduction on the site are limited to private use and to limited range at home. Please refrain from diverting (copying, uploading, posting, citing, etc.) the information and programs on the site to other websites and printed materials. And, please do not use the content posted on the site beyond the scope permitted by other copyright laws without permission.

Article 16 Personal information handling

The management and handling of user information that can be known by the company related with the use of the Service by the user shall be in accordance with the privacy policy separately established.

Article 17 Applicable law 

All matters including disputes regarding the site shall be governed by the laws of Japan, with the Tokyo District Court in Japan having exclusive jurisdiction.


Revised at March 1st, 2019

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