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Privacy Policy

Shields Japan Limited ("the Company","we","us", or "our") recognizes the importance of personal information protection and observes the laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and other rules to protect personal information of users("you") on this site. We shall users agree to the terms of this privacy policy by using the site even the users purchasing a product. Please hesitate to use the site if you do not agree to this privacy policy. Also please see the Terms and Conditions of Use applicable to accessing and using the site.


1, Personal information

Personal information is information regarding an individual, and is information that can identify the individual by name, date of birth, address, identification number, phone number, e-mail address, images, voice, etc. , and the one stored in a device managed by a recording medium such as a paper and a computer, the one can be stored as a document and in various information devices(recording medium such as a personal computer, various servers, terminals, floppy disks, CD-ROMs and data communication devices).


2、Collection of personal information

The company collects the personal information for those who access this site when they register, log in and place an order at the site. No personal information is required for just visiting the site.
The company may also collect information other than the order from customer, for example, when user participates our giveaways, our contests and our promotions, etc, and when user replies our surveys and sends e-mails. When collecting personal information, a link to this "Privacy Policy" page is included.And, we collect visitor's domain names to the site. These information is organized to get the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages accessed, etc. and is used to measure the amount of access to the site and improve the content.



The site uses an automatic information gathering system such as cookies. A cookie is an ID sent to the hard disk of the internet user, and does not contain readable information, but allows the internet user to be associated with the personal information provided by the user on the site. Cookies are distributed by the server at the site and no one can access the information contained in it. Only the site handles information collected by cookies collectively and anonymously in order to operate the site efficiently for the needs and benefits of users such as product purchase and provision of services to registered users.

The information analyzes the differences and similarities of each use's behavior pattern and makes the user experience on the site more enriched. Also, the information helps to further customize the content, advertisements, and promotions that appear on the site to users and others for matching individual user.

As you know, each internet browser allows you deleting cookies after each session. Most internet browsers have instructions on how to delete cookies. If you wish to delete cookies, please access the information on internet browser you use.

Consent for automatic information collection and the use of cookies are necessary to fully utilize the service including the purchase of products. In case deleting cookies, the company doesn't guarantee that user can use the all or part of services provided by the site. For example, the user may not be able to view the image of the item the user are making order.



The site uses the cryptographic communication technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the most secure encryption technology on the Internet when personal information is registered. The company uses this encryption technology to encrypt user's personal information and order information, and send and receive information from user's personal computer and mobile devices to the server of the site. It is very difficult to decipher it even if the information is stolen by a third party since the content of the communication is encrypted, so users can shop safely.


5、Using purpose of personal information

We collect personal information primarily for facilitating the process of an order and for notifying the customer as problems occur with the order. The customer will be asked to register such information when making a purchase. This information is also used to customize access to our site, including interactive interactions and other services. 
The company may also conduct surveys for information. The information provided to the site or survey will be used to design and manufacture better products, customize the shopping experience, and provide purchasing advice and recommendations. Users are always given a choice as to whether or not to participate in this. 
The information collected in this site is also used for our marketing and our advertising. This type of advertisement would be a banner ad and an e-mail from the company or from a third party who has contracted with the company. 
We may conduct surveys for customers' demographic data, interests and behavior patterns based on information obtained from purchases, promotions, surveys, and server log files. This is for better understanding our customers and providing better service. This survey is analyzed in an integrated manner so that the information is not tied to a specific individual. This aggregated data may be provided to third parties that have contracted with us.
In case the company needs to use the personal information beyond the scope of the stated purpose, the company will notify the customer of the purpose in advance. If the customer does not agree with the new purpose, the customer can refuse at his/her own discretion.If user does not want to provide personal information, he/she may, at his/her own discretion, not provide personal information. However, please note that if personal information is essential to the provision of the service, the provision of the service may not be possible.


6、Ranges of personal information use

The company does not provide personal information to third parties without user consent, except for this privacy policy and those described on this site. If a purchased product require after-sale service, personal information may be given to the subscribing service provider/carrier.
We may also provide personal information to third parties that we have made confidential agreement with as part of a specific product, service or promotion.
We may disclose the personal information when an individual may violate the terms of use of the site, may violate the rights of the company or others, or may violate the ownership of the company or others and there is a reason to believe that it is necessary to contact the individual or to take legal proceedings. We may also disclose the personal information when disclosing or accessing the personal information is required by law based on the principle of good faith that we believe.

We may also match between customer information and third party data (customer profiling) for better understanding our customers. In addition, in order to explain the site to a third party, based on legal requirements, we may disclose aggregated customer statistics.


7、In case user not disclosing personal information to the site

Personal information provided on the site, such as personal contacts including email address, address, and telephone number, may be used on the site to proceed with the order processing on the site, and would be required to provide the other service or to carry out the obligations arising from applicable law upon request.
When user does not disclose personal information to the site, it may prevent the company from proceeding the order, providing services, and sending a newsletter.
In some cases, not providing data would be a rightful and reasonable reason for the site to refuse for proceeding the purchase order process for products sold on the site or providing the service on the site. Disclosure of additional personal information is optional and does not affect the use of the service or the purchase of a product, except in case fulfilling legal or contractual obligations or requiring it to provide the demanded service.
Rejecting to provide certain personal information necessary for achieving the above-mentioned purpose to the site may prevent the company from the order processing, providing services such as customer service, sending newsletters, or fulfilling of obligations arising from applicable laws and regulations on the site.

8、Disclosure of personal information to a third party

Personal information may be disclosed in accordance with the law when there is a formal request by the agency to the police or judicial agency, or for the purpose(for example, in case it is necessary to prevent fraud on the site) of protecting the rights and property of the site. Also, in case the organization of the site changes the business form by merger, consolidation, transfer, sale, etc., personal information collected on the site may be transferred or sold. In any case, no personal information is disclosed to a third party without the consent of the person concerned if the consent is required by law.


9、Disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, suspension of use, deletion of collected personal information


Please notify to the company by email if you want to disclose, correct, delete, add, or suspend your personal information. In order to prevent your personal information from leakage to a third party, the company will deal with it only if the company confirms the notification is made by yourself.


Notifications not specifically requested by user, such as advertisements, direct marketing or other commercial notices and not required to provide the requested service, such as purchase procedures, shall be sent only after obtaining user consent (for example, sending newsletter). Whenever the consent from the user is required by the law, the company shall notify in advance to give the user choose either agree or deny by selecting the corresponding item. Also, personal information may be dealt without prior consent when it is required by law or when providing services demanded by users, such as order processing. In any case, the site guarantees the user the right to refuse to receive notices related to specific services at any time.



Please contact us by email if you'd like to get the information on how the site handles personal information.

12、Change of the privacy policy

The site may change or update the all or the part of the privacy policy in consideration of the amendment of laws and regulations that regulate information protection and protect the rights of users. Whenever the change or the update of the privacy policy is made, it shall be notified on the site immediately, and the privacy policy shall be binding as soon as it is posted on the site. Therefore, it is desirable to browse this page on a regular basis in order to check the content of the latest privacy policy of the site.

Handling of Personal Information of users residing in the European Economic Area

For the handling of personal information of users residing in the European Economic Area ("EEA") comprised of the EU member countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, in addition to the above Privacy Policy this "Handling of Personal Information of users residing in the European Economic Area" shall apply in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation("GDPR"). In the event that the contents regulated in this provision conflict with the contents regulated in the above privacy policy, the provisions of this "Handling of Personal Information of users residing in the European Economic Area" shall take precedence.

1. At first

Users under the age of 18 shall need to have consent from guardian for placing an order on this site. Users placing an order on behalf of you also shall need your consent for the privacy policy on the site.


2. Requests for the Handling of Personal Information

In addition to the 9 of the Privacy Policy above, we will handle requests for personal information from users residing in the EEA with the following extent and reasonable period of time. We also shall confirm user's identification for the request in advance.

(1) Request for recantation of consent
After reviewing user's request, we will delete or discontinue the use of the user's personal information in an appropriate and possible manner.
Please not that we may not be able to provide the service that was available before the recantation or the service that the user has requested as stopping the use or the deletion of the service.
(2) Request for data portability
After reviewing user's request, we will give or receive the personal information that the user requests in an appropriate and possible manner.
(3) Request for petition of objection
After reviewing user's request, we will stop using the user's personal information in an appropriate and possible manner.
(4) Request method

Please send the e-mail for request for this section.

3. Transfer of personal information to the outside of the EEA

We may provide user's personal information to third parties including our affiliate companies, service operating companies, and our outsourcing companies within the purpose of use.
The third parties to which we may provide the user's personal information include the companies located outside the EEA, and with user's consent to this privacy policy, we deem the user agrees the following: 
(1) The preparation of the data protection laws equivalent to those in the EEA and the individual rights recognized within the EEA may not be guaranteed in countries outside the EEA.
(2) The user's personal information may be transferred to locations outside the EEA or to other third parties in order to achieve the purpose of use.


4. Changing the purpose of use of personal information

When we change the purpose of use of user's personal information, we will post the privacy policy that the the changing the purpose of use is noted on the site in advance.

5. Appeal to the  supervisory bodies

User has the right to appeal to the data protection authorities have jurisdiction over the ares the user resides regarding the processing of the user's personal information.

​Established in February 22nd, 2019.

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